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PowrFlite 3Speed Hybrid Blower

Powr-Flite PDH1 Hybrid 3-Speed Blower


Powr-Flite PDH1 Hybrid 3-Speed Blower
(3400 CFM @ 2.4 Amps vs. 2200 CFM Standard Blower)

Powr-Flite PDH1 Hybrid 3-Speed Blower Spec Sheet
Powr-Flite PDH1 Hybrid 3-Speed Blower User-Guide

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The new Powr-Flite Hybrid dryer combines the best features of a squirrel cage design with the increased drying power of an axial fan. Leveraging state-of-the-art engineering, this dryer has an incredible maximum air velocity of 3400 feet per minute in a compact, yet highly efficient size. Carpets dry quickly under the high-volume, high-velocity airflow. Long-lasting and durable, the Hybrid dryer is built with heavy duty, co-polymer polypropylene to withstand the tough, every-day use of contract cleaners, restoration professionals and more.

The revolutionary Powr-Flite Hybrid dryer increases air-flow, drying efficiency, safety and minimizes down time in a room or larger facility.

* Innovative go anywhere design
* Maximum running amp draw of 2.8 amps - no more overloaded, blow circuits
* Highly portable - weights 45% less than a typical blower 
* Smaller, compact size at only 11.5" high makes it easy to transport or store more dryers in less space

Max Air Flow Motor /Motor Rating Stackable Voltage/ Power Cord Drying Positions LxWxH Weight
Speeds Housing

3400 FPM

.4 hp/
Continuous Duty

Yes 120V
20' - 18/3
2 22"x16.5"x11.5" 18 3 Co-Polymer polypropylene

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