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2012 Catalog 

(Please note that part numbers in this catalog are out of date.)

Product SDS & MSDS Sheets

-- An asterisk (*) designates products without an updated SDS from the manufacturer. An MSDS is provided.


A/C Coil Cleaner *
Acrylic Undercoat-Sealer
After Fire Liquid, Big D
Air Fresh Fresh and Clean
Air Fresh Lemon
Air Fresh Tangerine
Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer Fogger, Brothers
Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer Handheld, Brothers
Ajax Scouring Powder with Bleach
Aloe Burst Foaming Soap
Ammonia, Parson's Lemon-Scented *
Annihilator Contractor CG
Annihilator Pro
Anti-Resoiling Agent (ARA)
Antiseptic Soap, Softsoap
Aspire Furniture Polish
Aspire Glass and Surface Cleaner
Aspire Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Cleaner
Aspire Stainless Steel Polish


Bausch Lomb Sight Savers Premoistened Lens Cleaning Tissue
Bayberry Time Mister Refills
Berry Berry *
Betco Oven Jell

Big D Dumpster D Plus C
Big D D'Vour Absorbent Powder
Big D Enzyme-D Deodorizer
Big D Fire D After Fire Liquid
Big D Fire D One Shot
Big D Granular Deodorant
Big D Odor Control Fogger

Biodet ND32 Disinfectant, Lemon (Misty)
Biodet ND32 Disinfectant, Pine (Misty) 
Bleach Neutralizer *
Blue Concentrate
Boardwalk Cherry-Scented Para Urinal Block 
Boardwalk Cherry-Scented Para Urinal Blocks with Urinal Screen *
Boardwalk Cherry-Scented Urinal Screen 
Boardwalk Pink Lotion Soap
Boardwalk White Lotion Soap
Bolex Bowl Cleaner, Misty
Bowl Brother (aka Bowl Brite)
Bro-4 (aka NAM-4)

Brothers Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer Handheld
Brothers Air Sanitizer & Deodorizer Fogger
Brothers Citra Shine All-Purpose Cleaner 
Brothers Clear Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Brothers Drain Opener (aka Orange Flush) *
Brothers Frost-Eze Glass Cleaner
Brothers Lemon Furniture Polish
Brothers Lime Light Descaler
Brothers Orange Peel Citrus Degreaser
Brothers Oven Magic Oven & Grill Cleaner
Brothers Stainless Steel Polish
Brothers Vanishing Act
Brothers Vision Glass Cleaner

Browning Treatment
Brush & Bonnet


Carpet And Room Deodorizer, Plumeria
Carpet Enrichener *

Chase Bayberry Time Mister Refills
Chase Cucumber Melon Time Mister Refills
Chase Mango Time Mister Refills
Chase Mountain Meadow Time Mister Refills
Chase Ocean Mist Time Mister Refills
Chase Odor Neutralizer Time Mister Refills
Chase Powder Fresh Time Mister Refills

Cherry-Scented Para Urinal Block 
Cherry-Scented Para Urinal Blocks with Urinal Screen *
Cherry-Scented Super Block Deodorizer
Cherry-Scented Urinal Screen 
Chewing Gum Remover
Citra Shine All-Purpose Cleaner 
Citra Quick
Citrus Blast Time Mister Refills

Claire Chewing Gum Remover
Claire Citrus Blast Time Mister Refills
Claire Fresh Linen Time Mister Refills
Claire Germicidal Cleaner
Claire Spicy Cinnamon Time Mister Refills
Claire Touch of Vanilla Time Mister Refills

Clear Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach
Clorox Concentrated Germicidal Bleach
Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Fresh Scent
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon Fresh
Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach

Country Garden Time Mister Refills
Creme Cleanser, Essential Industries
Crystal Defoamer
Cucumber Melon Time Mister Refills


De-Scaler *
Destroyer, Namco
Harvard Chemical De-Zov-All
Dinge Away (All Colors)
Dirt Chaser
Disinfectant Facility Wipes
Dumpster D Plus C
Dry Air Fresh, Assorted Scents *
D'Vour Absorbent Powder
Dynamic Powerhouse Shooter
Dynamic Saf-T-Step


Earth Friendly Parsley Plus All-Purpose *
Earth Scents Super Bugz, Berry
Easy-Off Stove Top Cleaner
Ecolab TB Disinfectant Cleaner
En-Case 3-in-1
Endust Professional
Enzyme-D Deodorizer

Essential Industries Acrylic Undercoat-Sealer
Essential Industries Annihilator Contractor (CG)
Essential Industries Annihilator Pro
Essential Industries Blue Concentrate
Essential Industries Creme Cleanser
Essential Industries Eccothane
Essential Industries En-Case 3-in-1
Essential Industries Extractor Rug Shampoo
Essential Industries G2 Green Finish
Essential Industries Grout Avenger
Essential Industries Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner (NAB)
Essential Industries Nu-Tral Cleaner
Essential Industries X-Coat Nano
Essential Industries Xlerate
Essential Industries Sport Kote
Essential Industries Sport Prep

Everlast Deodorizer, Assorted Scents *
Extractor Rug Shampoo
Extreme Clean


Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner Lavender
Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner Ocean Cool
Facility Wipes
Fast Dry
Fiber Guard *
Filtration Soil Remover (FSR) *
Fire D After Fire Liquid
Fire D One Shot
First TLC
Fome Brak Defoamer 
Formula 409 Cleaner Degreaser Disinfectant
Formula 409 Glass and Surface Cleaner
Formula 409 Heavy-Duty Degreaser
Fresh Linen Time Mister Refills
Frost-Eze Glass Cleaner
Furniture Polish, Brothers Lemon
Furniture Polish, MistyAspire
Furniture Polish, Old English Lemon


G2 Green Finish 
Gang-B-Gone *
Germicidal Cleaner, Claire
Glass and Mirror Cleaner RTU, Misty
Glass and Surface Cleaner, Misty Aspire
Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner
Glisten Dishwasher Deodorizer & Rinse Aid, Lemon Scented *
Granular Deodorant, Big D
Groom Solutions Grunge Gone
Grout Avenger 
Gum Remover


Harvard Chemical Aloe Burst Foaming Soap
Harvard Chemical De-Zov-All
Harvard Chemical Rust Out
Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Cleaner, Misty Aspire


Ink Out



Kwik Kleen


Last Step
Lemon Disinfectant, Misty Biodet ND32
Lemon Furniture Polish, Brothers
Lemon Furniture Polish, Old English
Lemon Oil Polish *
Lemon Fresh Pine-Sol
Lemon-Scented Ammonia, Parsons *
Lemon-Scented Power Clean *
Lime Light Descaler
Liqua Pro
Liquid Alive 
Liquid Oven Cleaner *
Liquid TNT
Lysol Basin, Tub, & Tile Cleaner
Lysol Mold & Mildew Remover


Magnum Blue
Mango Time Mister Refills
Marvella *
Mean Green Degreaser

Misty Aspire Glass and Surface Cleaner
Misty Aspire Furniture Polish
Misty Aspire Heavy-Duty Multipurpose Cleaner
Misty Aspire Stainless Steel Polish

Misty Bolex Bowl Cleaner
Misty Biodet ND32 Disinfectant, Lemon
Misty Biodet ND32 Disinfectant, Pine
Misty Glass and Mirror Cleaner RTU
Misty Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner (NAB)
Misty Painless Stainless

Moisturizing Soap, Softsoap
Molecular Modifier
Mountain Meadow Time Mister Refills
Mr. Muscle Oven & Grill Cleaner
Murphy's Oil Soap


Namco Berry Berry *
Namco Bleach Neutralizer
Namco Carpet And Room Deodorizer  
Namco Carpet Enrichener *
Namco De-Scaler *
Namco Destroyer
Namco Dry Air Fresh, Assorted Scents *
Namco Everlast Deodorizer, Assorted Scents *
Namco Fast Dry
Namco Fiber Guard *
Namco Fome Brak Defoamer 
Namco Gang-B-Gone *
Namco Kwik Kleen
Namco Lemon Oil Polish *
Namco Lemon Scented Power Clean *
Namco Liquid Alive 
Namco Liquid Oven Cleaner *
Namco Liquid TNT
Namco Magnum Blue
Namco Marvella *
Namco Mean Green Degreaser
Namco pH-1200
Namco pH-1200 with Spring Green
Namco Pine Cleaner *
Namco Secure XT
Namco Stainerator
Namco Surface Disinfectant *
Namco Super Task Force
Namco XL-44 Mildew Stain Remover 

Natural Fiber Cleaner
Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner (NAB), Essential Industries
Non-Acid Bowl Cleaner (NAB), Misty
Nu-Tral Floor Cleaner


Ocean Mist Time Mister Refills
Odorcide 210 Cigarette Smoke
Odorcide 210 Fresh Scent
Odorcide 210 Original
Odor & Stain Remover (OSR)
Odor Barrier
Odor Control Fogger, Big D 
Odor Eliminator
Odor Neutralizer Time Mister Refills
Old English Lemon Furniture Polish
One Shot, Big D Fire D 
Orange Peel Citrus Degreaser
Oven Cleaner, Namco Liquid *
Oven Magic Oven & Grill Cleaner
Oxygen Release Emulsifier


Painless Stainless
Parsley Plus All-Purpose *
Parson's Lemon-Scented Ammonia *
pH-1200 with Spring Green
Pine Cleaner *
Pine Disinfectant, Misty ND32 
Pine-Sol Original
Pine-Sol Lemon Fresh
Pink Lotion Soap
Plink Fresh Lemon 
Plumeria Carpet & Room Deodorizer
Portastream II Saline Concentrate 
Powder Fresh Time Mister Refills
Power Clean, Lemon Scented *
Power Gel
Powerhouse Shooter
Pro-Powder 2000

Pro's Choice Air Fresh, Fresh & Clean
Pro's Choice Air Fresh, Lemon
Pro's Choice Air Fresh, Tangerine
Pro's Choice Anti-Resoiling Agent (ARA)
Pro's Choice Browning Treatment
Pro's Choice Brush & Bonnet
Pro's Choice Citra Quick
Pro's Choice Crystal Defoamer
Pro's Choice Dinge Away (All Colors)
Pro's Choice Dirt Chaser
Pro's Choice Energy
Pro's Choice Extreme Clean
Pro's Choice Filtration Soil Remover (FSR) *
Pro's Choice Firestorm
Pro's Choice Firewater
Pro's Choice First TLC
Pro's Choice Ink Out
Pro's Choice Last Step
Pro's Choice Liqua Pro
Pro's Choice Molecular Modifier
Pro's Choice Natural Fiber Cleaner
Pro's Choice Odor & Stain Remover (OSR)
Pro's Choice Odor Barrier
Pro's Choice Odor Eliminator
Pro's Choice Oxygen Release Emulsifier
Pro's Choice PC-45
Pro's Choice Power Gel
Pro's Choice Predator
Pro's Choice Pro-Max
Pro's Choice Pro-Powder 2000
Pro's Choice Pro-Solve Gel
Pro's Choice Pro-Spray *
Pro's Choice Protection Plus
Pro's Choice Pro-Zyme
Pro's Choice Quick Spot Buster
Pro's Choice Red 1
Pro's Choice Rug Restorer
Pro's Choice Rust Away
Pro's Choice Smoke-Off
Pro's Choice Soil Crystallizing Rinse (SCR)
Pro's Choice Stain Magic Part A
Pro's Choice Stain Magic Part B
Pro's Choice Ultra TLC
Pro's Choice Urine Stain Remover

Pro-Solve Gel
 Pro-Spray  *
Protection Plus


Quick Spot Buster


Red 1
Rug Restorer
Rust Away, Pro's Choice
Rust Out, Harvard Chemical
Rust Remover


Sheila Shine
Sight Savers Premoistened Lens Cleaning Tissue
Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner
Soft Scrub with Bleach
Softsoap Antiseptic Soap
Softsoap Moisturizing Soap
Soil Crystallizing Rinse (SCR)
Spicy Cinnamon Timer Mister Refills
Sport Kote Sport Prep Cleaner
Sport Kote Water-Based Gym Floor Finish
Stainless Steel Polish, Brothers
Stainless Steel Polish, Misty Aspire
Stain Magic Part A
Stain Magic Part B
Surface Disinfectant, Namco *
Super Block Deodorizer, Cherry Scented
Super Bugz Berry
Super Task Force


TB Disinfectant, Ecolab
Terminator Deodorizer & Cleaner *
Tilex Mildew Root Penetrator and Remover 
TimeMist Country Garden Time Mister Refills
Touch of Vanilla Time Mister Refills


Ultra TLC
Urinal Para Block, Cherry Scented 
Urinal Screen, Cherry Scented 
Urinal Screen with Cherry Scented Para Urinal Block *
Urine Stain Remover


Vanishing Act
Vision Glass Cleaner


White Lotion Soap
Windex Powerized Glass Cleaner


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X-Coat Nano
XL-44 Mildew Stain Remover


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