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PMF Titanium Wand 6 Jet 15 5000 PSI

PMF Titanium Wand, 6 Jet, 15", 5000 PSI

PMF Mach-15 Titanium Wand, 6 Jet, 15" Wide Head
2" Double Bend Handle, 5000 PSI with Top Gun Pistol Grip Valve

PMF's new 15" wide titanium wand was engineered for maximum recovery and ease of use. Made with the highest quailty components. The Top Gun Pistol Grip provides PSI at pressure washer levels.

Less than 9 pounds finished weight!!! Six stainless steel jets with stainless steel check valves and flexible solution line. Dual adjustable manifolds allow the jets to be lowered to prevent loss of heat, or raised for wider coverage. Comes with Teflon glides.

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