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Disinfecting Facility Wipes Dispenser

Disinfecting Facility Wipes Dispenser

Athea Disinfecting Facility Wipes Center Pull Dispenser

Designed specifically for use with Item 6124 Disinfecting Facility Wipes.

This smoky grey dispenser offers single-sheet replease requiring only one hand to tear off. The compact design is made of tough, impact-resistant materials, making it one of the most candal-proof, break resistant, chemical and flame-resistant products for heavy use applications.

-- Hygenic. No Touch Dispensing. No levers, dials, or cranks.
-- Fully enclosed. Wipes stay wetter longer.
-- Easy loading with side-hinged lid.
-- Transparent cover shows roll status at a glance.
-- Locking cover eliminates theft.
-- 13.3" H x 9.6" W x 9.43" D

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