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Big D DVour Absorbent Powder

Big D D'Vour Absorbent Powder

Big D D'Vour Absorbent Powder, 16 oz. (1 of a case of 6)

Big D D'Vour Absorbent Powder SDS

Devours liquids such as spilled bodily fluids as it eliminates odors. D'Vour is maufactured with a special polymer which, when sprinkled lightly on liquid, transforms it in seconds to an odorless semi-solid mass for fast, easy clean-ups! D'Vour will absorb 100 times its weight! Ideal for spills in grocery stores, restaurants, health care facilities or schools. Use D'Vour to set free-flowing liquids (except in the case of oils for which Big D Granular Deodorant would be best) and to destroy odor fast.

Not to be used for spills of strong oxidizing materials such as acids.

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