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PowrFlite Predator 32 AutoScrubber

Powr-Flite PAS32-DXBC Predator 32" Auto-Scrubber


Powr-Flite PAS32-DXBC Predator 32" Automatic Scrubber
With Four 6-Volt 244 AH Batteries and Shelf Charger, Self-Propelled

Powr-Flite PAS32-DXBC Predator 32-Inch Auto-Scrubber Spec Sheet
Powr-Flite PAS32-DXBC Predator 32-Inch Auto-Scrubber User Guide

The Predator 32 has a remarkable 5 to 6 hours operating time. Self-propelled with a direct drive system provide straight tracking on slick surfaces and effortless work for the operator. Just set the solution rate and go the machine does all of the work in one easy pass and leaves the floor clean, dry and ready for immediate use. The squeegee and brush controls are activated with conveniently placed foot pedals. Pad Drivers and Scrub Brushes not included. 

-- Adjustable brush pressure provides smooth consistent brush action even on uneven and grouted floors
-- Independent dual wheel drive in forward and reverse
-- Self lubricating traverse differential motor requires no maintenance
-- Dual motor brush operation with up to 150 lbs. of brush pressure
-- Large adjustable squeegee leave floors virtually dry

Cleaning Rate (Sq. Ft./Hr.) Solution/ Recovery Tank Cleaning Width Battery Brush Motor Vacuum Motor Weight (lbs.)
30,000-47,000 20 gal./ 20 gal. 32" 24V Gel (2) 1/2 HP 225 RPM 3-stage 3/4 HP 330

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