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PowrFlite 20 Burnisher 1500 RPM

Powr-Flite 20" Burnisher 1500 RPM

Powr-Flite P1500-3 20" Direct Drive Burnisher 1500 RPM


Video: Powr-Flite Burnisher Set Up & Use

The P1500-3's compact design offers easy maneuverability and total operator control of the pad pressure. The direct drive design provides results that surpass higher revolution burnishers because of the combinations of pad pressure, speed and operator control.

The 20" Direct Drive P1500-3 burnisher is excellent for removing scuff and heel marks that belt drive or higher revolution burnishers leave behind. 

• Direct drive system eliminates the use of a belt or gears
• Patented one-piece housing completely reduces handle vibration and protects internal components
• Adjustable pad pressure for use with multiple pads and floor finishes
• All metal handle housing, tube and trigger stand up to years of wear and tear
• Thumb activated safety interlock switch prevents accidental start-up

10 Year housing, 2 year motor and 1 year parts and labor

Powr-Flite P1500-3 Specs
Pad Diameter: 20 Inches Full Pad-to-Floor Contact
Motor: 1 1/2 HP D.C. Rectified, UL Listed
Transmission: Direct Drive
Power Cord: 75 Feet UL Listed 14/3 SJTW-A
Base Housing: One-Piece, High Density Polyethylene
Pad Driver: Factory Installed Rigid Block Drive
Pad Pressure: 9 to 17 lbs.
Handle Grips: Anti-Fatigue, Soft to the Touch
Cord Strain Relief: Heavy Duty Metal, Lock Nut and Spring
Handle Tube: All Chrome 1 1/2 Inch (Fixed)
Handle Lever: Case Hardened Steel, Positive Lock
Operating Wheels: 4 Inch Non-Marking Self-Lubricating
Transport Wheels: 4 Inch Non-Marking Self-Lubricating
Wiring: All Completely Enclosed in Housing
Switch Housing: Non-Conductive, Commercial Grade
Operation Control: Dual Lever On/Off Safety Switch, Stress Absorbing, Left or Right Hand
Warranty: 10 Yrs Housing, 2 Yrs Motor, 1 Yr on Parts & Workmanship
Work Rating: 22,000 ft2/hr
Shipping Weight: 85 lbs

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