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Misty Aspire Furniture Polish

Misty Aspire Furniture Polish

Misty Aspire Furniture Cleaner & Polish, 16 oz. (1 of a case of 12)


Aspire Furniture Cleaner & Polish combines the ease of use of a general purpose cleaner with a high performance, high gloss protectant. Formulated with no silicone or wax to build up on surfaces, the unique formula works well on a wide variety of furniture including traditional finished wood and more contemporary urethane finishes, metals, laminates, etc. likely to be found in today's professional workplace.

The fast breaking creamy white foam clings to vertical surfaces and polishes easily with no waiting for hazing, excessive buffing, or chasing out excess from cracks and crevices. Use on furniture, desks, filing cabinets, regular cabinets, paneling, and in offices, hotels, schools, municipal and governments buildings, and much more.

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