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Dynamic SafTStep

Dynamic Saf-T-Step


Dynamic Research Company Saf-T-Step Cleaner and Treatment


-- Anti-slip treatment for use on porous surfaces such as concrete, brick, quarry, or porcelain, and on diamond plate.
-- UL Classified for Slip Resistance
-- NSF (USDA) A4 for food plant use

Saf-T-Step Slip Resistant Floor Cleaner and Treatment is a highly effective safety product formulated for use over unsealed porous surfaces. Unlike other floor maintenance products, Saf-T-Step simultaneously removes organic and inorganic deposits and soils, deep cleans, and treats the floor, which increases the slip resistance of the floor and reduces the potential for slip and fall accidents.

Saf-T-Step is also an excellent cleaner to remove the heavy deposits and soils from grouted floor surfaces. Leaves no slippery residues. Effective for use on floors in plants, athletic facilities, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping malls, rest rooms, showers, and anywhere that slips and falls are a problem.


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